In 2008, at the start of The Venture Bros. Season 3, the inhabitants of AstroBase Go (a moon orbiting space station) had a simple idea: "Let's give Venture fans quality t-shirts straight from the source!" And that source was none other than the human geyser of Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, the creators of TV's "The Venture Bros. Fun-Time Semi-Hour." Their simple idea was SHIRT of the week CLUB.

On this humble website, they offered a shirt to whoever was out there with a web connection, PayPal account and a hunger for beautiful T-shirts.
Each shirt was only available for one week, and then immediately discontinued to insure its collectibility and rarity. There was no second chance. Opportunity knocked and then left without so much as a note taped to the door.
Each shirt was made to order, as the AstroBase only printed what was ordered.
Each shirt was was designed (from concept to mechanical final) by Doc Hammer and/or Jackson Publick, without a middleman to get the fetid smell of corporate cologne all over it.
Each shirt donned a design specific to the episode it was sold in conjunction with, thus assuring a deep, geeky, insider connection to The Venture Bros. The very definition of "The Real Deal."
Each shirt was lovingly packaged by an intern that probably wanted to learn more about animation than packing shirts.

SHIRT of the week CLUB also offered a subscription to their club. With a subscription the subscriber:
1) Received a reduced price on each shirt. Frugal and t-shirt needy, our subscribers knew how to jump on a bargain when it wasn't looking and beat the crap out of it.
2) Had a Venture Bros. shirt clean and ready to go at any moment. Imagine knowing that you could freshly display your insider connection to Team Venture for over a week. Your life would improve in ways that modern science would deny out of hand.
3) Was freed from the burden of last minute gift giving. RECIPIENT: "Oh my! A smartly designed, dare I say elegant Venture t-shirt that is no longer available, in your size therefor making this gift always remind me of your specific bulk! It's just what I wanted!" SUBSCRIBER: "Thanks Shirt Club, now I don't look like a person who forgot my friend's birthday!"
4) Obtained the knowledge and convenience that they can order once, and just wait for the shirts to come rolling in. Freeing them up to do fun things like a bike ride through a park with a certain someone who loves a be-shirted suitor. And trust me, all parties got to second base… In the park… On a damn bike!
5) Got a FREE and EXCLUSIVE t-shirt only available to subscribers. Billed as "Best shirt… EVER!" our privileged, and frankly better than most people subscribers did indeed get the best shirt ever. Ask them yourself. Don't know who they are? Well, my friend, their names are amongst the Fortune 500, our fine Olympians, and the owners of the world's most obedient pets. Coincidence? We think not!

When Season 3 ended, so did Shirt Club. It became the cottony stuff of legend. Bootlegs of a lesser quality sprang up on eBay, and other abusable commerce websites. Some of Shirt Club's "insider" concepts and graphics leaked into other Venture merchandise, both authorized and bootlegged. Original Shirt Club participants enjoyed a special feeling of being there. Many were treated as Kings and Queens at places where the the knowledge of Venture Bros. was esteemed. When two Shirt Club clad insiders would pass each other in public, a secret hand gesture was raised. Many of them are now married or amicably separated former intimate partners. They are the coolest of the cool.


After a 5 year hiatus, Astrobase Go has brought back Shirt Club to celebrate the much anticipated Venture Bros. Season 5. Destined to be the greatest moment in animation history (until the premiere of Season 6), Season 5 starts off with a bang, then a shirt comes flying out!

Little has changed with Shirt Club, and that which has changed is for the better!
Each shirt is STILL only available for one week, and then immediately discontinued.
Each shirt is STILL made to order, and the Astrobase will only print what is ordered.
Each shirt is STILL designed (from concept to final) by Doc Hammer and/or Jackson Publick.
Each shirt STILL dons a design specific to the episode it is sold in conjunction with.

What has improved?
Each shirt is NOW packed and shipped by paid professionals, freeing up interns to learn animation and the fine art of running errands for those who are comfortably on payroll.
Each shirt is NOW less expensive than they were for the first Shirt Club. I know! That's nuts! Does the Astrobase love you more now than they did 5 years ago? Yes they do!
Each shirt NOW comes with $1.00 in Hank Bucks! What are Hank Bucks? It's fake money with Hank's face on it, and it may someday be redeemable for merchandise, prizes, or whatever!

You know the score. Opportunity has knocked twice. You snooze, you lose. Venture fans, this is your proudest moment! You know that Official Venture T-shirts are as rare and beautiful as albinos, and ones created by the actual Venture brothers are even more rare, and like five times more beautiful… What are you going to do? Answer: SHIRT CLUB!


Each week we premiere a brand new episode of The Venture Bros. television program, we will premiere a brand new t-shirt design to go with it RIGHT HERE. The shirt will be on sale for one week only--until the next episode and the next shirt premiere.

We'll only print as many shirts of each design as we receive orders for (okay, we'll probably make a couple for ourselves, too) and once the ad for a shirt is removed, that shirt will never be available again.  

Venture Bros. Shirt Club shirts will all be printed on only the finest American Apparel shirts available, and each is priced at $20 ($22 for 2XL + up).

This season, we have 8 brand new episodes premiering. Which means we'll be premiering 9 new t-shirts. Wait, what? Exactly! In honor of our hour-long, double-length season premiere (and our general indecisiveness), we're releasing 2 shirts for that episode. 


Each week, a new shirt will be offered for sale at the low low price of $20 ($22 for 2XL + up). Simply check this page every week, order the shirt(s) you like, and enjoy!

…or, for the frugal completists, True Venturoos and Honorary AstroBase Cadet Candidates alike…


For the low, low price of $165 ($180 for 2XL sized subscribers) you will automatically receive ALL 9 Venture Bros. Shirt Club shirts, week by week, as they're produced--assuring you will never ever miss a Shirt Club shirt!

Not only will you save time and money over the cost of ordering each shirt individually, but you'll also receive the "NOW IN GLORIOUS EXTRA-COLOR" BONUS T-SHIRT, ABSOLUTELY FREE. This navy blue beauty features the titular Venture Brothers, our dubiously quotable tag line, and is available to SHIRT CLUB SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, making it the most limited and exclusive shirt. Did we mention it's FREE with every subscription?

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? When we say "Subscribe Now," we mean it! Because subscriptions to The Venture Bros. Shirt Club will ONLY BE AVAILABLE FROM NOW UNTIL 11:59PM (EST) on JUNE 7th. That's when the first week's shirts disappear--and so does your chance to subscribe to the full season of The Venture Bros. Shirt Club, save all that money, and be the proud, elite owner of the Venture Bros. "Glorious Extra Color" T-Shirt!


All Venture Bros. Shirt Club shirts will be shipped via First Class U.S. Mail.  Domestic shipping is included in the price of every shirt.  For international orders, a $9.00 (USD) surcharge will be added to the price. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

All Venture Bros. Shirt Club shirts are printed on stylishly fitted, American Apparel brand t-shirts, which are made right here in the US of A. American Apparel shirts are sized very accurately for a "fitted look," so we've included the American Apparel size charts so you can order with confidence. Because…

Shirt Club shirts are non-refundable and we do not accept exchanges (we're seriously too busy making a TV show to deal with all that paperwork).

In the unlikely event of a screw-up on our end, however--say, we send you the wrong size or something--we will of course exchange the offending item for the proper one, at our expense. Please contact us at VBShirtClub@titmouse.net to alert us to the problem, and someone will get back to you a.s.a.p. This email address is only for Shirt Club members and staff to conduct official Shirt Club business, however. Please do not send fan mail, hate mail, questions about Dean's hair, Hatred's tits, or requests to "bring back Triana's hot friend" to this address.

The Venture Bros. Shirt (of the week) Club doesn't want you if you don't want us. So if you unwisely choose to opt out of your subscription, we will grudgingly refund your money minus the FULL REGULAR PRICE ($20/$22 for 2XL/3XL) of any shirts that have been produced up to that point--and you will NOT receive your super-limited edition subscribers' exclusive "Glorious Extra Color" t-shirt. Because the bonus shirts are shipping last this season. Because bonus shirts are for closers. The loyal, the hearty, the "in-it-for-the-long-haul" super-fans. When you wear one, this is how people will see you.


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